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SocioLab – a young and dynamically developing research team. We try to creatively solve the problems of our clients and help to discover and understand insights that can change consciousness.

You can order a full cycle of study as well as certain types of work at various stages of the project:

1. Preparation of a research program, highlighting goals, objectives and research hypotheses.

2. Preparation of research instruments (questionnaires, interview forms, scenarios for conducting focus groups, as well as other necessary methodological documents).

3. Calculation of the sample.

4. Collection of information (field stage of the study).

5. Mathematical data processing in the SPSS statistics program.

6. Preparation of the final report on the research results.

7. Preparation of presentation material based on the research results.


Media research

Assessment of media popularity. We study the audience of television, radio, press, Internet, new media. We help to understand the level of effectiveness of information impact on citizens.


Marketing research

Research of the purchasing decision-making process: determination of needs, values, motives, perception, consumer preferences.

Product research: assessment of its consumer characteristics, competitiveness, testing of new products and services.

Advertising Research: testing advertising concepts and assessing creativity as well as the effectiveness of marketing communications in general.

Studying the brand image.

Social and socio-psyhological research

Analysis of the social well-being of the population and individual target groups. Assessment of the level of satisfaction with various aspects of life: the quality of educational, medical services, housing conditions, etc.

Diagnostics of social and psychological compatibility of group members. Conducting sociometric research.

Sociological examination of trademarks

Analysis of the well-known trademark, presence / absence of confusing similarity, collection of sociological information as evidence of unfair competition for submission to administrative and judicial authorities.


Methods of research

Qualitative methods

In-depth interviews, focus groups, mix sessions with the participation of respondents and clients to develop new concepts and products, ethnographic research (inclusive observation, consumer diaries, accompanied shopping), desk research.

Quantitative methods

Personal interviews at the place of residence of respondents, street survey, handout survey, telephone survey, online survey, hall test of the study.


Shestakova Nadezhda

Director of SocioLab

Masters degree in sociology, more than 10 years of experience in sociological and marketing research

Professional specialization in conducting social and socio-psychological research to determine the social well-being of the population, social problems and people's reactions to them, the study of the moral and psychological microclimate in a team. 

It is is very important for the development of the company, because in a harmonious atmosphere in a team it is much easier to work and self-actualize. And a competent leader understands this and tries to conduct such research from time to time.


«Sociological methods and approaches can be applied to any area of ​​human life»

When enrolling in a particular specialty, we do not always have a complete idea of ​​what will have to be done on duty. The work of a sociologist can also be attributed to such a little-known activity. The veil of secrets was revealed to Adukar's readers by the director of the independent sociological laboratory, Nadezhda Shestakova. A specialist with more than 10 years of experience in sociological study told what a sociologist does and what career prospects are possible.

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